Growing up, I never really liked to read.

Books never interested me. I didn't understand the reason why would anyone spend their time looking at some combination of letters. Reading was just not something I was encouraged to do. And in both elementary and high school books were just dull. I haven't even read the school books. I was only good at listening, and that is how I passed every exam. Later, I found out that I have a mild form of dyslexia, and that was the reason I didn't enjoy reading.

But I discovered a joy of reading while going through Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. That was the first book I read front to back. Eventually, my mind and eyes syncronised and now reading is not so hard to do.

How to read

A big boost in my reading came after finding a recommendation on how to read a book by Tobias van Schneider. It resonated with me. I started to read more. So for this page, I shamelessly stole his title.

Favourite books

Here is the list of some of the books that left a significant impact on me.

If you're curious, check what I'm reading now.