Growing up, I loved drawing, and I loved playing with clay. Once I got a computer, my interests shifted. Early one I started programming, and later I was experimenting with simple algorithms and went on a lot of programing competitions. I also loved photography, I was playing with photoshop, and that is how I fell in love with the design. I decided to study graphic design but simply could not shake the coding hobby throughout my studies and early career.

Consequently, I've always been in between design and development, creative and analytical. That allowed me to be a valuable part of early-stage startups. For things I’m looking forward to and/or currently focused on visit now page.

Is this useful?

When I stumble upon interesting people on the internet, I wonder how they became what they are. What decision they made in life. How they educated themselves, do they have book recommendations. Have they overcome any struggle, do they have a story to share. Unlike Sivers, I found it all useful. I found every story inspirational and educative. I get insight into how their lives looked like so I can understand how mine could look like. I see what humans can do, how different ways of thinking lead to different outcomes. It's truly useful.