Moving to London.

I decided Zagreb is no longer a place for me. It's really a small city, and as I've been living there for the last nine years, I was getting bored. I needed a change. So after a few considered places, London seamed the perfect place to go.

However moving anywhere, especially moving to a different country, is no small decision. So, for a long time, I was hesitant to even think about moving. I was too comfortable. I realized I had to approach it differently. Instead of finding a job and a place to live before moving, I decided to move and figure out stuff as I go along. I made a leap, and now I'm writing this from London. Besides, I feel it is an excellent way to get confident about working and living here as I visited London only two times before. I will write more about the whole process once I am somewhat settled.

Looking for a job in London

I have a few requirements that I am looking for:

  • a company solving a real-life problem
  • a creatively and technically challenging position
  • a place where I am going to be surrounded by smart people and a team of designers I can learn from
  • a place where I can make new friendships
  • a place where I can stay for a longer time

Setting some requirements for myself is, I feel, critical for finding a longlasting position. When I was younger, I would often jump on the first opportunity I got. So few times I wasn't happy with a place I ended up at. That was fine then, but now I'm not in a rush. I want to do great and fulfiling work, have a responsibility, learn, and improve.

If you think your position meets the requirements or have a company to recommend, feel free to contact me on LinkedIn.


I am currently reading two books:

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