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Web, Mobile

My role

Digital Product Designer


Agrivi is agritech (agriculture technology) startup with a promise of solving world food problem by providing farmers with knowledge-based software solutions. At the time, Agrivi secured a worthy investment to help them grow the company and improve the product. So I was the first designer to join the team.

My role

As Agrivi was an early-stage startup, I was involved with a whole product. I started with branding, redesigning the logo and setting the groundwork for visual language. Next came web application which had poor experience as it was a proof of concept. I led the rethinking process of changing the existing ways of using the essential features of the web application and created a lightweight design system that can be extended in future. Besides, I designed and coded the emails, designed ads, business cards and all the small things one designer faces within a small team.

The challenge

How to design appealing and honest branding that would convey Agrivi's mission? How should a web application that would be easy to use for any farmer with any crop look like, be used? Apart from different crops, agriculture processes differ between different regions, seasons and weather conditions. Those were just a couple of questions and consideration I was faced with.

Besides, being the only designer in a small team with big dreams is a lot of work. I knew that. But growing up in the countryside surrounded with crops and domestic animals, I understood pain points that farmers face. So I decided to join and design products that will solve actual problems.


Agrivi was using a few stock icons and logo made from stuff downloaded from the internet (nothing new for a startup). But they had a firm idea that I wanted to build upon. The concept of a young plant starting its life. Furthermore, it reflected Agrivi as a young company.

stjepangrgic project agrivi branding idea


I was looking for friendly and inviting colours. I went with warm green hues that appear on leaves illuminated with morning sun.

stjepangrgic project agrivi colors


To quote the fonts author: "Sofia Pro is a geometric sans font family who dares the modernism and the harmony of the curves". To me, it beautifully reflected the perfection of nature I was looking for.

stjepangrgic project agrivi typography


The perfection of nature reflects in the Fibonacci sequence. So I constructed two stylized leaves using the numbers as a guide.

stjepangrgic project agrivi logomark construction
stjepangrgic project agrivi logomark

All of the above together looks like this.

stjepangrgic project agrivi logo construction
stjepangrgic project agrivi logo
stjepangrgic project agrivi logo monochrome light
stjepangrgic project agrivi logo monochrome dark

Web application

At the moment, I can only share highlights of all the work I have been involved with regarding web application.

stjepangrgic project agrivi webapp

Field and crop management experience was especially challenging to envision as it widely differed between crops, seasons and countries. Additionally, it differed between organisation structure like a cooperative and individual farmer.

stjepangrgic project agrivi webapp fields


I have also worked on the website and other public pages. I developed wireframes, custom icons, and illustrations.

stjepangrgic project agrivi website

What I learned

The success of any project or startup is determined by the team's ability to work together, to be harmonious. Interpersonal skills are, therefore, as valuable as technical skills when working in a small group. So after a few months of intensive work, I unhappily realised Agrivi was not a good fit for me. I firmly believed Agrivi had a great idea and a bright future I could be part of. But circumstances like this happen, so I moved on.

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