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Web, Social media

My role

Digital Designer


As part of a design team in digital marketing agency Grey Entourage, I worked on creating an influencer oriented marketing campaign called Share Istria for the client Istrian Tourist Board.

Campaign goal

Promote and raise awareness of Istria (distinctive geographic region of Croatia). How? By using travel influencers, which was, at the time, an innovative approach to digital marketing. The team came up with a story and mechanic on how to get influencers to come to Istria and share as much valuable content as possible.

My role

This was the first significant project I was able to get my hands on while working in the agency. At the time, I was a young and inexperienced designer (I was 22), so I embraced the possibility that my work would not be accepted. Nonetheless, I liked the project and jumped on it with all my energy and creativity. I saw a lot of potential for colourful branding and use of energetic and vibrant photography. Managers saw my work and gave me an opportunity to bring all my ideas to life.


I decided to blend the distinctive shape of the Istrian peninsula with all the experiences and photos one might have while visiting this amazing and unique region of Croatia. The campaign was distributed exclusively through digital channels, so colour choices were not restricted with print colour space.

stjepangrgic project share istria idea


To complement the logo, I wanted a font that is quirky and sharp yet fun and friendly, something that would unify a colourful logo and energetic photography. I decided to use Whitney, designed by famous Tobias Frere-Jones. It was a perfect match.

stjepangrgic project share istria typography

To emphasize energy and movement, I added small upward bend to the typography. This is the final result.

stjepangrgic project share istria logo dark
stjepangrgic project share istria logo light
stjepangrgic project share istria logo line


Icons were a way to remove formality and make the website more scannable. They contributed to fun factor as well.

stjepangrgic project share istria icons


One reason why I liked working on this project is that I was faced with a large number of photos. I enjoyed photography as it is a language on its own. So I insisted on using photos focused on one story and bold colours. Here are some examples.

stjepangrgic project share istria photography


As the project was separated in different stages, I decided to use a breadcrumbs-like path to lead visitor trough the story of what ShareIstria was and how to apply.

stjepangrgic project share istria website 1 stjepangrgic project share istria website 2
stjepangrgic project share istria website 404
stjepangrgic project share istria website form

Responsive design

The website featured a fully responsive design, providing the same story experience across all devices.

stjepangrgic project share istria website responsive


Share Istria was a project I enjoyed very much. I got to experience how is it to work on a large scale project. I was shocked to see how hard is it to find unique and usable photographs in the era when everyone is a photographer. I realized how important it is to have a great development team or outsource development to the experienced agency.

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